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When choosing cabinets for your space, you’ll find that there are two types of cabinetry – Framed and Frameless. Both have advantages and offer various styles and design options. To help you decide which best suits your project, here a few details to help you differentiate between framed and frameless cabinets.


  • This is a more common, American style cabinet.
  • Face frames allow for easier installation and door/drawer adjustment.
  • Require separate skin panels to be installed on site, on exposed sides.
  • More options in sizes and modifications in a framed cabinet line.


Our Face Frame cabinetry can add value to any home. The door and drawer faces are larger than the openings and overlap the face frame, leaving only a small visible reveal.

Style: Face Frame Overlay
Build Timeline: 6-8 Weeks
Cost: $$-$$$

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