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Beaded inset cabinets have an additional decorative detail on the face frame immediately surrounding the door or drawer. This detail is known as a bead, or a slight groove and rounded edge cut into the wood. The bead acts as a “frame within a frame” to outline your doors and drawers. Depending on the cabinet maker you choose, the bead can be made of an additional piece of molding applied to the face frame or by carving the bead out of the face frame with a router. Either way, the extra detail requires finesse and is the mark of truly custom cabinetry.


Bead Mold Inset cabinets require the utmost details in our design and build phases. These cabinets are very versatile and can be used throughout the home. Please remember to keep build times in mind before choosing the style that suits your needs best.

Style: Bead Mold Inset
Build Timeline: 6-8 Weeks
Cost: $$$$

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