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Frameless kitchen cabinets, known as “Eurostyle,” are those sleek, ultra-modern styles that have no surface face frames, with doors and drawers that fit snugly against the cabinet carcasses. They offer a very smooth, clean look that are ideal for modern decors.

Modern, European kitchen cabinets are an elegant and sophisticated design choice. The emphasis is on maximizing clean lines. European-style kitchen cabinets utilize full-access, frameless construction. Full overlay doors are attached directly to a sturdy, thick cabinet box, eliminating the need for frames, including awkward center stiles. The advantage is that cabinet and door lines are flush and drawers can be larger because of the lack of frames so you are maximizing space. Euro-style cabinets are simple, elegant, and provide exceptional usable storage space.


Our Euro cabinets can add value and presentation to any room. Commonly used in kitchens, baths and offices. Contact us today to get started on your custom Euro cabinets.

Style: Euro
Build Timeline: 6-8 Weeks
Cost: $$$

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